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Bridge 2: Peer to Peer Interview – Barbara Friedman

I interviewed Marilyn Dweck for this project. I had never talked to her before, but I learned a great deal about her through our short talks. She came from a strongly religious background which restricted her since young age, and when she was finally able to come to Parsons, she was freed.

I wanted to express this through a small interactive artwork. To begin with, I had balloons with a packing peanut inside. These peanuts were white and very moldable, which referred to us. The popping of the balloon made everyone interact with the work, focus and understand how we both popped out of our bubble. Then, I introduced my main work. This artwork is something the viewer has to turn with their own hands and each slide has a number on the bottom. It starts off with a picture of a girl looking out of the restricted area. The background is dark and the Star of David are the only things that shine there. Also, she has a bright yellow shirt on which indicates that she is the only source of light in this small constricted world. Then, the next slide shows a brighter background with melting stars. The background isn’t as claustrophobic as before and the girl rises. The next slide shows an even brighter background and the girl sitting on the window sill with a stern face, which leads to a blank scene without the girl. It shows thats she has left. The final scene is the girl looking back into the small cage she used to be in. She is free, and her clothes are white showing she is a clean palette. The colorful world around her is the only thing that will influence her from now on.

Through this project, I not only got to use a different type of medium to express someone else, but also got to know another person very well. Now I know how Marilyn loves glitter or apologizes constantly. It was interesting to see how someone had become who they are now.






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