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Creativity – Barbara Friedman

How does collaboration foster creativity?

When there are a lot of ideas scattered, they can be combined. The pros of the ideas can become one big idea, and collaboration opens up more space for more ideas. People say two brains are better than one, and this applies to creativity.

Is creativity something that an individual can increase?

Yes. Nobody is not creative. We all think of different things in our mind and even the smallest thoughts people don’t consider is something creative. As we add on to those small ideas and think more deeply into them, creativity increases. I think as you put more time and effort into observing and thinking about something, creativity increases.

How has this project pushed your approach to being creative?

I’m not very big on fashion so this project pushed me into being creative. It pushed me to think of garments that can be effective to a certain situation but also aesthetically pleasing. This required me to look up different types of fashion shows and get inspired and that really sparked my creativity. After getting inspiration, I tried to use that to start different ideas.

What does it mean to create something ‘enduring’?

There’s a joke in Korea that says the world we live in only remembers people who comes in first place. It means people only care about the end result, and it’s hard to deny that this is not right. If something is enduring, it needs to have a big impact on the world around us. Only things that influenced a lot of people are considered enduring in our society.

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