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Question for the Archival Meeting – Anna Harsanyi

Possible archives that is achievable:

Map of the Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York, showing street pavements other than cobblestone on January first 1903.

Cobblestone landmarks of New York State


Archives and Special Collection:

Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy collection in Urban Studies

Questions to guide me through:

  1. Since when have the cobblestones been put in and why?
  2. Why are they slowly disappearing?
  3. What is being done to keep them
  4. What are some of the restoring processes being done?
  5. Why are they left in the specific streets
  6. What is the main concern with them
  7. Were there any recoveries or changes to them?
  8. Are there policies that affect if the cobblestones can still exist?

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