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City as a Research – Matthew Jensen

Parts of the note taken during the scavenger hunt

W 17  – already has small patches of cobble before 9th ave. Had lots of fire hydrants on houses. Trees have wood surrounded. Buildings r either real new or old. Cobble around trees. Roads are worn down. Many bumps and cracks. Many places under construction. Clean cobble near high line trees. Smell water. Messy cobbles. No drain. Construction. Water and trash. Worn down. 

Washington st  – construction near so really messy

13th  – has less trash. Cleaner. More even. Drain system seems good. Slightly round so water can fall. More shops and restaurants near. Newer buildings

12th  – bit more worn down but clean and nice in general. Some construction going on 

Gans – patches of cobble. Uneven. Next to constr. Had many direction of cob overlapping. Some going diagonal

Before jane st

Jane – not bad but not the best. Water some places. Kinda crooked but not too much. More housing nearby. 

12 a same with jane. More houses 

Bank st – new cob. Similar to ^

Charles ln – (Greenwich) 

Perry st – new. Water. Bad draining. Bumpy not much wear down. Older houses

Bond St – Heavily under construction

Greene St – On the cleaner and more even side, but has an older feeling to the stones. They look more worn down and differently texured

Mercer St – Construction, missing quite some stones in between. Not in bad shape

Crosby St – Very even and wide. Cleaner than other roads and has a more even layout.

Vestry St. – Construction, even, but has some rough patches (bump) where the car wheels touch

Even, older patches, has some bumps, not the cleanest but pretty good condition

Fletcher St – Very colorful stones, many criss cross patches. Different from the other areas of cobblestone. has different sizes of cobbles. But quite even.

Beekman St – less protruded. More even and stuck into the ground


On my adventure, I stopped by Magnolia’s bakery to pick up a banana pudding and a red velvet cupcake. It was a great day to walk around and feel the wind on my face. The cobblestones were quite different by the area and that was impressive. Many of the areas were under construction so it wasn’t very clean. There were many puddles in between and trash stuck between the stones in many areas and that made the area not as beautiful as it could have been.

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