Avatar Risograph Poster Design – Group Project with Jiyoung, Riya and Lin


phase I: Idea development

The purpose of this project is to learn to work and collaborate in a team environment, and create four risograph posters for the halloween dog parade we attended as a group. We first each developed our artwork using the medium that we were assigned to —-detailed drawing, painting, collage and digital montage, and since our group was drawn to art deco’s simple and geometric charastics, we then added art deco elements and fonts to unify the four pieces.

My ideas have changed a lot throughout the whole process, and I eventually went back to my initial hotdog sketches as the pumpkin one did not turn out as expected.



phase II: Poster elements & Unifying

We chose to use the park lane font for our title because it is a good representation of the art deco era, and suit the style of our artwork well. To further unify the pieces, we added stripe elements for the background and used black, white, orange and blue color scheme for printing the risograph prints. Furthermore, to add a little punch to our posters, we made the date of the dog parade to be 1920 which is the year of art deco, and had a vintage vibe across four posters.



risograph printed


phase III: Risograph printing

I divided each section of different colors into different layers in photoshop, and changed the capacity according to the value of the shades I wanted. I ended up to have five colors to print on the risograph printer, which I then test printed each one to make sure that they lined up with each other, and lastly I layered all five colors onto the cardstock.

phase IV: Reflections

This group project had been a great experience for me which was not expected in the beginning at all as I have always dreaded working and collaborating with other people. Initially, I thought it would be hard to work things out and come to consensus between four people. However, our group members were all very responsible in getting things done in a timely manner, and have great communications which I think is the key in group projects. Furtheremore, my group members were all really encouraging when I was stuck with my artwork which was really heartwarming. Also, although we spent almost the entire day dealing with the problems of the old risograph printers at the lab, working in a group made the long and frustrating risograph printing process much more doable and fun.

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