FINAL PROJECT: This piece demonstrates the passage of time in a multitude of ways. The growth of the bird, despite being placed on the wheel is shown to move linearly, which demonstrates the perception of time from the bird itself as its life passes by. This is likewise the case for plant shown inside the building. Inanimate objects however are also shown to have a periodic behavior in time. Lastly, the wheel beneath the front layer of the piece symbolizes that our perception of time is periodic, and even if time does move linearly forward, I believe that our own perception of time is the biggest driving factor to our relationship with time.



For the time map, I had problems choosing a concept. I went through several concepts ideas, however, in the end I choose to go with my last concept. Thinking of the project prompt, I thought it would be interesting to play with the ‘time map’ and look at it in a metaphorical way, instead of a literal way. I liked this idea the most, but I know it is the most challenging one to create. I personally am satisfied with the piece, as this is  an ambitious concept with the time given. Therefore, with more time given I believe I could have done better.



Eko Nugroho is considered to be one of the most prominent members of the new generation of Indonesian contemporary artists. He distinctively merges street culture with ‘high art’, which is arguably the most challenging type of art in terms of production, and also arguably the most aesthetically pleasing. This is achieved through the media he uses, working across the different art disciplines, from paintings and drawings to creating public murals, sculptures, embroideries, video animations, comics, and recently contemporary ‘wayang kulit’ (shadow puppets), a traditional theatre art performed in Indonesia. His works, derive comic art elements, and suggest a humorous political tone, which is deeply rooted in the sociopolitical issues of his time. Nugroho believes that the socio-political issues in his work are independent of time, or in other words timeless. Nugroho states: “Different countries and different cultures will always create different perceptions. This is the interesting part about the art world.”

PAST: Nugroho was born in 1977 and grew up in Java, in one of the island’s major art centers, Yogyakarta. His works are based on both local traditions and global popular culture. In particular, he has cited the influence of traditional batik and embroidery styles. For the past piece, I decided to look into his childhood and take elements from there. Therefore, for the past I decided to create a collage and incorporate a lot of fabric and Indonesian symbols, such as the Batik fabric, the Rottan fabric, the palm trees, traditional fruits, and many more. Moreover, Yogyakarta is famous for there temple, Borobudur, so I decided to create the collage similar to the shape of the temple.

PRESENT: In a recent interview, Nugroho describes creatures common to most of his works “like a compilation of the democratic idea in Indonesia, colorful and complicated, a symbol of today’s society”, which is seen in a lot of his collections. Showing that Democracy is multidimensional, that it is not simply working or becoming flawed. For the present piece, I decided to do half a montage and half a collage, to show the present (half of the past/half of the future). Here I tried to show what Nugroho is currently doing with his work, mainly commenting on social-political events.I combined a couple of his ‘monster’ characters to create one, with a text stating that this generation is very monotone. Furthermore, instead of inserting a cartoon character that represents society inside the masks, I replaced it with Eko Nugroho.

FUTURE: Despite gaining international recognition, his artistic vision remained constant, in that he continues to comment on socio-political issues. Eko Nugroho talks about how he would like to continue to promote many concepts that he is passionate about, one of them is ‘tolerance’. Therefore, I played with the text and centered a creature with text saying “we all in tolerance”. As the future is unpredictable, I used the idea of duality to show that anything could happen.



REFLECTION: Overall, I am quite satisfied with how the collage/montage turned out. This is my first time working with photoshop, so it took me a while to understand and get use to it. After practicing and playing around with it, I became a lot more confident, and I am happy with how the montage turned out.

The feedback I got from my classmates was mostly positive, they discussed about the three pieces are very consistent; how the style/pattern on the pieces ties the three together. Moreover, I enjoyed this project and found it very interesting to work with photoshop and colleges (arts and crafts). After looking at what my classmates created, I am definitely inspired with their approaches to this project. I hope to continue to learn new programs, and apply the criticisms from my peers on another project.



For my soundscape, I decided to focus on an elementary school playground and capture the sounds there. The Friends Seminary School is located in the three block area that I explored.

One day I was walking back to my dorm, and it was home time for the children in The Friends Seminary School. The parents were waiting outside, and the children were playing in the playground. I remember listening to the loud noises of the children. Therefore, when we were assigned this project, I thought it would be interesting to explore the sounds in this area.

I want to capture the sound of the children playing in the playground until they need to go home, from the children’s perspective.

SoundClould link: https://soundcloud.com/user-182975948/soundscapesaskia

PROCESS: One of the buildings in my three block radius, is an elementary school. I decided to focus on the school, and capture the children playing in the playground until its home time.  I will try to capture sound from a children’s point of view. I think this would be an interesting way to show time passing by, from a children’s point of view. From loud noises of children playing to a more a quiet/peaceful sound.

A screenshot of adobe audition of my editing process.

REFLECTION: I really found this project interesting, as I have never worked with sounds in the past. It was interesting to work with sounds, just like how I would work with video editing. I also enjoyed the process of recording the sounds with the zoom. I could really hear the difference between a normal phone recorder and the zoom.

I am fairly happy with how the end product turned out. However, given more time I know I could explore more on Audition and play with more sounds to build a better soundscape.


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