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Diptych – CIT | ARUM

Saskia Wulandiarti | 9x12inch | ink, color paper on paper




a hope or ambition of achieving something.

Aspirations are typically bigger than goals, something that is almost impossible. Living close to the most polluted river in the world, The Citarum River I’ve always hoped that one day Citarum River will lose its title and become cleaner. The Citarum River flows for about 186 miles from the mountains of southern Java to the Java Sea, providing irrigation and drinking water for more than 25 million people. There are people that are helping combat these problems and I hope that one day I will be a part of that journey, play a role to help make Citarum cleaner.

These first panel (left) represents the river now, and how it plays an important role in the life of the people of West Java, as it supports agriculture, water supply, fishery, industry, sewerage, and electricity. However, it has a negative effect on the people, as the chemicals and dirty water are consumed by the people. This is because pollution flows freely in Indonesia’s rivers. Lax environmental regulations have allowed textile factories to dump toxic chemicals in the Citarum River. This panel reflects the emotions of the people, as they are unconsciously drinking and using hazardous water throughout their daily lives. It also reflects how I personally feel towards the issues that arise from the river, and devastated I am that I was only able to help a really small portion of the problem.

On the other hand, the second panel (right) is what I hope one day Citarum river will be. An organized chaos, where the water has a positive on the people living around the area. Hopefully, the people will be educated enough not to drink or bathe from the river, where laws are strengthened, and the water is clean enough for the people. Water is a basic life necessity and it upsets me that so many people are not privilege enough to have access to clean water. The red cube represents me, and how I hope to play a role in combating these issues. This panel demonstrates what the ideal living situation is for the people, a clean river. The thought of it brings joy, happiness, and relief.

Across these two panels lays the Citarum River that brings the two panels together. By juxtaposing the two (before and ideally after), I hope it allows the viewer to really reflect how this is a big issue that could one day be solved.




Session one and two ‘Getting to Know You’, focuses on the Mark Making and Diptych exercises. I think that these exercises is a really great way to start of the course, as we are able to experiment with the different mediums, while applying the theory/concepts we learnt in class. The mark making exercise is harder than I thought it would be, even though it is a small space we must be creative and apply the theories. However, this exercise really helped me when I had to make the Diptych as I have already experimented with the mediums in the mark making exercise. The diptych allows me to further explore what I’ve learnt and place meaning within the composition. I appreciate that one of the requirements is that for it to be abstract as the concept of an ‘aspiration’ is very abstract, I enjoyed finding visual representation of my ‘aspirations’. I personally really enjoyed these exercises and would love to see the theories I learnt applied to my future works.


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