[ D & I ] LET’S GET DIGITAL: Activating the Personal Object with Cultural Context in Digital Space

Different Faces of Blues

Palette and the Painting by Saskia Wulandiarti  | feb.18. 2019 | painted digitally on Photoshop | photos by Saskia Wulandiarti

Line Drawing of 3 object still life

paintings I choose for my first photoshop collage painting

collage | #1

fill and brush | #2

colors palette made for painting #2 from painting #1

combination (paintings and brush/fill) | #3


process of working with layers on photoshop for the 3rd version (combination)



Statement / Reflection :

For our analog autobiography of a still life line drawing I decided to draw three object that I created out of plaster and wood last semester.  I really liked how the shapes turned out and thought that it might be interesting for me to draw it and edit it on Photoshop afterwards. The first task was to draw the values of our three still life objects, allowing me to focus on the lighting and shadows. After drawing this with charcoal, focusing on the values, I then drew the line drawing with the same objects and composition. By doing this, it made me more aware of the values, tones, lines, and lighting of my composition. Which helped me later on when I moved to creating the painting on Photoshop.  

When we moved to working digitally, the first was to find several paintings that we liked to use in the still life line drawing. We had to copy and paste elements from selected painting of your choice, this is when I realized most of the paintings I picked was in blue. Therefore, I decided to go with it and made the whole painting using different shades of blues. I transform to vary the scale of selected painting collage elements, changed the rotation and played around with the masking tool. For the second painting, we had to take out colors from the first painting, which was a little difficult for me since I mostly selected mostly blue paintings. I worked with the colors that I selected and experimented with the different brushes, which surprisingly turned out pretty well. Lastly, I combined the two (brush and fill/collage) for the last piece, which was interesting to see how two elements merged together.

I decided to call it “Different Faces of Blues” because the each ‘face’ of the shape has a different shade of blue.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project because I normally don’t work digitally and this was something new for me. I felt like I gained a lot of basic knowledge of Photoshop, which I’m excited about as it will definitely be helpful for me in my future works.

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