[ studio ] BRIDGE PROJECT 2: Our City Unveiled Proposal

BRIDGE PROJECT 2: Our City Unveiled proposal

L I T T L E I T A L Y-19i6sst 


The origins of Little Italy in New York City are simultaneously shrouded in the past and rooted in the present. Originally located as a large 30 block section of the Lower East Side, Little Italy has now shrunk to only a couple of blocks sequestered around Mulberry Street.

Although waves of immigration from Italian shores created what we now deem Little Italy, the streets in between Worth Street and Houston Street originally sheltered Lenape tribes, Dutch settlers, and everyone else who called those streets home.

What materials do you plan to use?

  • I plan to use fabric, paper, and string

What will you make and why?

  • I want to make a little booklet, the illusion that the book is very small from the front but is really thick and long.

How do you plan to incorporate your research into your booklet?

  • I plan to incorporate your research of Little Italy as much as I can.
    • Focusing on food culture
    • As Italians brought their laughs and dreams to America, they also introduced delicious new recipes that quickly won the stomachs and hearts of the entire continent. Chefs and artisans opened food carts, restaurants, bakeries, and more that have lasted to this day. The purported oldest cheese shop resides in Little Italy where they have been serving dairy ingredients since Pina Alleva opened it more than a century ago. As the new flavors and textures of food seeped throughout New York, so did Italian cultural pastimes such as organ grinding and puppet shows to entertain young and old New Yorkers alike.
  • Making a little tiny book that is very long

Will there be an apparent linear narrative (narrative arc/story) as you progress through the booklet? Or will it be non-linear? Why?

I would like to make the booklet with an apparent linear narrative, as if someone is walking through the streets of little Italy.

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