[ D & I ] “Synthesize This” project


What has inspired me and how do the methods I chose to use reflect the concepts I’m communicating?

There are a lot of components that inspire me, however, I started from the idea that we must incorporate using the laser cutter. I started choosing my materials from the list of things we are able to use on the cutter. I want to use Plexiglas because it is a material that has offers a variety of differences from opaque, translucent, to transparent. I think it will help me convey my meaning and will be interesting to explore.

  • What was the most exciting part for me within this process? The most challenging? How did I resolve challenges.

I’m excited to see the piece come together, I’m not sure right now if it will turn out as I vision it, however, I’m excited to explore more.

  • How did my understanding and use of the tools/materials/methods/principles of design evolve during this process?

I definitely have more understanding on the principles of design. I want to further incorporate this into my piece. I have used the laser cutter a for a couple projects, however, I want to try to do something different with it which I’m excited about.

  • What methods would I like to explore further?

Incorporating analog and digital work together.



Laser-cutting the bird on wood.

My laser cutting failed on the wood, so I decided to swap it around with my background. Make the background wood, and the birds with acrylic.

The wood did not cut through, because of a machine malfunction.

testing out different variation of the composition and materials. In the end I choose to layered some of the items to create more values and depth.



A time when my understanding of something changed is when my grandmother suddenly passed away. My grandmother and I were very close, as she played a huge role in my childhood. This event really changed my perspective in life, it was a reality check, and a reminder for me not to take things for granted. Most importantly, I learned that she may not be with me on this earth, but she will always be a part of me.

I chose to translate this event into this piece, by representing my grandma and I as dove birds. After 1000 days of her passing, we had a religious ceremony where each family member had to let go of a dove, therefore, I choose to use it to represent my grandma. The three pairs of leaves signifying us; before her passing, during her passing, and after her passing.

I used repetition, unity to show the bond between the two subjects, and to create a narrative. I positioned each object so that there is direction/orientation in the composition which indicates movement and a change of direction. I also used proportion to indicate the importance of one subject to another. It is a high key composition with high key contrast because I want the viewers to get a light tone when one is looking at the piece – something that is positive. I achieved slight contrast in the composition by layering some of the pieces together to create a sense of depth. Moreover, I decided to create a circular wooden background to represent ‘the circle of life’. It represents the infinite nature of energy, meaning if something dies it gives new life to another.

My understanding of illustrator, thinking from analog to digital, and incorporating the principles of designs has definitely evolve during this process. I would like to further explore these tools for my future work.



The process of incorporating working through a variety of mediums was very exciting (analog, digital, and laser-cutting). However, I had a hard time conceptualizing at first, I had a clear event in my head but had a hard time representing it. I am glad that I went with the birds instead rather than the circles/shapes. I still used the same concept for the circle shapes and replaced it with the leaves, and I think it helped create more meaning into the piece.

I really enjoyed this project, from conceptualizing it to execute it, I felt like I learned a lot of new skills. This is the first time I used the drawing pen tool on illustrator, and to laser-cut it is an interesting experience that I am excited to use again in the future.

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