[ sustainable systems ] Natural Dye Design Project’s Proposals & Sketch


After the natural dye process, I got fascinated by the natural elements that was used to create the dye of the fabric. Going along with this concept I wanted to use other natural elements, such as wood to create a product. After a couple of design sketches, I decided to go with the embroidery hoop necklaces, keychains. I will use the natural dye fabric, place it inside the embroidery hoop, this will allow the fabric to be the center of attention. Handmade water designs will be created on top of the fabric, and that will allow different varieties for the design.


Purpose: The purpose of this is to create a sustainable product, that spreads awareness and remind people about the water systems and water in New York City. With something tangible that is used on one’s body, it is much more effective remind to the user. Oppose to something that could not be used/bring around by the consumer. Therefore, I choose to create jewelry to help my convey my purpose.


Audience: People who is interested in sustainability, jewelry collectors, jewelry users, the general consumer.


Target: People who is interested in sustainability, Female/Male – gender neutral


Branding: The branding will be minimalistic, using minimal icons and pictures to make sure the product stands out. The color scheme is presented in the mood board above, a range of blue to lavender to match the colors with the product and the concept that these are products are water based. As different designs will be placed on the fabric that will be transferred to the branding of the products.



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