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MONARCH SANCTUARY. Designed by a firm Terreform One and architect Vivian Kuan and Mitchell Joachim. The population of the beloved monarch butterfly has drastically depleted due to exposure to temperature changes, agricultural pesticides, global warming and land development.

Terreform ONE’s proposed 30,000-square-foot sanctuary is a vertical meadow behind a glass façade with highly regulated temperature and humidity. The model shows how the façade can provide a temporary habitat for wild monarchs.

As I am fascinated by the way 3D objects, space, and visual communication intergrade together, I am captivated by this façade model. As this has all those aspects and managed to intergrade nature too, something I’m very passionate about coming from a tropical country like Indonesia.

Not only this sanctuary looks aesthetically pleasing, it also has a huge benefit and impact to our environment, especially to make sure the monarch butterflies won’t go extinct. They created a vertical modal landscape using molded plastic to create different purposes for each monarch butterfly’s life cycle.

  • Moss Lattice for pollution eating moss
  • Butterfly Mud puddles
  • Nectar feeders
  • Flowers

The concept of growing plants to ecosystems also interests me, a perfect example is like the MONARCH SANCTUARY, how design has a purpose, a bigger purpose. One of my favorite designers is Neri Oxman, she inspires me how she is able to redesign the natural world. How she 3-D printing exoskeletons to creating biodegradable architecture and pioneering new hybrids of engineering and biology. Even though this MONARCH SANCTUARY is not designed by Oxman, it reminds me of works by to her. I am very inspired by these concepts of integrating different accepts of design and nature. So hopefully for the next project I can create something related to plants or products that can benefit the environment.

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