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My goal is to create a product – a sustainable system for packaging plants and design a sustainable wooden pot that comes with buying the plant. Eliminating the design flaws and problems of my personal experience purchasing plants.

Back home, when I opened the window all I could see is the color green, and a tiny bit of grey, that’s the building from afar, while here in New York City, it’s the complete opposite. Naturally, I planned to buy a lot of plants for my new apartment. There I realized that there is a lot of waste that comes along with buying plants in the market today.

Sellers promote plants as ‘a reminder to care for the planet’, however, the materials they use to package/sell the plant itself contradicts that. Firstly, they sell the indoor plants inside a plastic pot. If seeds are sold, they are sold inside small plastic bags, or ‘paper bags’ that still has a plastic coating inside of it. Secondly, they give you an unaesthetic looking plastic pot, that most people I know throw them out and replace it with another better-looking pot, therefore that plastic pot has gone to waste. Lastly, they give you the pot of flower/seeds inside a plastic bag for you to take home.

Although not all sellers are like this, however, in my experience buying plants most of the sellers has this system of packaging. Therefore, I have this goal to create this product that eliminates the design flaws from purchasing plants.

Hopefully, the product itself will impact the plant lovers, the normal consumers. On a bigger scale, this will impact plant sellers to change their system of packaging plants.

Effect on people = This will change the supplier – seller – customer dynamic,

Effect on space = I want people to look at the product and make them feel something (happy, aesthetically pleasing, reminds them of something)

I believe in small changes, accumulating into bigger changes. Although this will impact a small community of people, I believe that if the packaging system is successful and affordable then many plant sellers would use it and will reduce waste, promote sustainability, and also taking care of a plant promotes the idea that it is ‘a reminder to be careful for the planet’.

I am creating a product that revolves around the plant, it is acceptable to use another material that is one line with the plant – trees – therefore, I’m choosing to work with wood and paper.

It should be experienced by looking at it or touching it – taking care of it.

– Recycled wood for the plant’s pot

– Recycled wood and paper for the packaging – or recycled cardboard

1 month

  • Finding the recycled wood – paper – cardboard
  • Creating paper
  • Designing it according to the materials
  • Gathering all materials
  • Creating the pot
  • Cutting the packaging
  • Branding the product
  • Details such as labels, and logos
  • Packaging it all up

I think the biggest challenge will be making all of this sustainable. I plan to use sustainable materials however, if material A doesn’t work, I will try to find something else (material B).

References 3 similar projects that have design flaws and 3 similar projects that inspires this project in ways of concept and sustainability.




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