Museum Triptych

For my first major Drawing & Imaging assignment, Museum Triptych, I made a self portrait using meaningful objects to tell a story.  Four of the objects involved had to be from my life, while the fifth object was to be from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My four objects included a golden hammer, which was a graduation gift from a close friend, a pearl necklace, which was a going-away present from my mom, a spool of thread, which represents my future career in fashion, and a sneaker that I wear nearly every day.  The sculpture I chose to focus on from the Met was this Roman sculpture entitled Diadumenos, made by the sculptor Polyclitus:

Working Title/Artist: Statue of Diadoumenos (youth tying a fillet around his head) Department: Greek & Roman Art Culture/Period/Location: Classical Greece HB/TOA Date Code: Working Date: 69-96 A.D. photography by mma, Digital File DT11982.tif touched by film and media (jnc) 2_24_10

I chose this particular statue because I appreciated it’s contrapposto position and intricate detail and accuracy of the human form.  Additionally, it was one of the only interesting statues that also had a seat nearby on which I could sit and sketch.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Contour Drawing:

The first piece in the Museum Triptych was the contour drawing, which is a drawing of only the outlines of 3-D shapes.  For this type of drawing, which has no value, I wanted to make sure each shape took up enough of the space on the page so the piece did not feel empty.  Below are my thumbnails and final for this part of the project:



Positive & Negative Illustrator Drawings:

For the second piece in the museum triptych, I turned my detailed forms into solid shapes.  In creating this part of the assignment, I wanted to focus on dividing the space as to not make any solid colored spaces too large.  I feel like I accomplished my goal of dividing the space so it is compositionally appealing.  Here are my thumbnails and finals for the positive and negative drawings done in pencil and on illustrator:



screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-1-07-58-am         screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-1-08-15-am

Value and Collage Piece:

For the last piece in the Museum Triptych, we had to start off with the same objects in the same program (illustrator), but add in shapes to divide the objects and different shades of gray.  To make the shapes intersect each other, we had to use the pathfinder tool, which I had a lot of trouble trying to navigate at first.  However, I ended up adding random shapes and letting the pathfinder tool define what the project would look like until I came up with an arrangement that pleased me.  The following images are of my thumbnails for this part of the project, alone with three stages of my progress up until the final piece:



I was not sure about what I would be able to do with the drawn piece once I moved it onto illustrator, so I tried to keep the divisions of space simple and easy to edit.  Once I became more familiar with the pathfinder and shape builder tools, I was able to develop my piece more.



Presentation and Critique:


In my final set up, I wanted to make sure all my pieces were well-organized and it was easy to see my process for each piece.  I organized the value & collage piece and the positive/negative pieces in order from sketch to final product, and to balance out the display, I put the larger contour drawing in the middle.  My work was received well by the class and by the teacher and in the end, I was very proud of my work.

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