Pattern Man

My second major project in Drawing/Imaging this semester was one done almost entirely on illustrator, which is a new program to me.  To start off the project, I drew a heavily clothed live figure with an HB pencil.


Next, I scanned my pencil drawing onto my computer and traced over it with the pen tool.


After that, I began drafting which patterns I would use on the clothing of the figure.  I researched patterns and drew them out in my sketchbook.  The cultures these patterns were inspired by were Roman, Chinese, Iranian, Islamic, Indian, and Celtic.

fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender

Then I transferred and altered those patterns in illustrator, and made them into a pattern using Object => Pattern => Make.


After making the patterns, I filled in the shapes of the clothing with the blob brush tool.


I then began recoloring and alerting slightly the patterns I created and came up with a new, colorful pattern collection.  I had to edit some of my patterns by including more gradients and fills so the recoloring would have a more intense effect on the pattern.  I had some difficulty with this part of the project because it was slightly challenging to get the shapes to be fully recolored, however I figured everything out in the end.


Lastly, I put those onto my figure to create the final product:


Throughout this process, I furthered my understanding of Illustrator and I learned how to use a lot of tools within the program.  I do not have very much trouble with Illustrator at all, in fact, I have used it to create renderings of projects in other classes already.  Because I find Illustrator to be a very helpful and not very challenging program, I was able to push myself in this project and focus more on the visuals and perfecting the project rather than how to use Illustrator.


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