Studio Bridge 3

For my bridge 3 assignment in Integrative Studio 1, I focused on what I considered to be the “folds” of New York City.  The origami form I chose included many folds, which was fitting for the concept of my project.  The folds in NYC to me are the areas in which two opposites or conflicting things meet.  My photos include the contrast between nature (a NYC park) and the man-made (buildings), old and new, and two different areas of NYC (Chinatown and Little Italy).  I chose to take each picture from the center of the street with the horizon in the same place in each picture.  Additionally, the central fold in each origami section perfectly divides the 1-point perspective street view of the “folds” into two separate sides, which further demonstrates my concept.  Finally, I used decorative brick paper for the cover because it is simple and not distracting, however it also symbolizes New York, or an urban area.


img_4234 img_4235 img_4236



Final Product:


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