“Reinventing a Body Part”


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I began this project with a lot of sketching.  The project called for reinventing a body part, and right away I knew I wanted to do something crazy and out-of-the-ordinary.  One of my initial ideas was to create a body part that also acted as a musical instrument.  I thought of flute fingers first, but I scratched that because I had no idea how I would create a flute.  My second idea, which is the idea I went with, was a string instrument that existed in the space between the arm and the torso.  The form of the project was inspired by a harp because the shape of the area I was working with on the body was very similar to the shape of a harp.

Final Product:

img_3961-1 sm1img_3967

My final product ended up being more about the skeletal structure of the instrument than I intended, but I liked the way it looked so I kept it.  The instrument is playable and ended up working well and sounding like a guitar.  I consider this a prototype because of its fragility, however if the same exact model was followed using a different material and perhaps different connections, it would work very well.  Altogether, I am satisfied with the final project.

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