Studio Bridge 2: “The Living Light”

For my studio Bridge 2 project, my group and I had to create something from garbage we found on the street.  The materials we collected included a metal and wood heater cover (collected by me) and a metal and wood shoe rack (collected by one of my group members):


After we decided we wanted to make a chandelier out of the materials we found, we started sketching.  These were my sketches:


After working individually on parts of the chandelier and meeting together once to assemble it, we ended up with the final product:





We wanted to juxtapose the fact that we used discarded waste to create this light with the idea that it includes nature and allows something to grow within it.  The plant, which is located at the bottom of the light fixture, is able to grow because of the plant light bulb.  We decided to include a succulent as the plant within the light fixture because our target audience is millennials.  We also attracted the millennial audience with the style of the light, which we thought would fit nicely in a Brooklyn apartment.

Rendering of “The Living Light” in an apartment:


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