Audible Montage

I began this project by drawing a picture of my hammer using only primary colored pencils:


Then, I painted a picture of my hands using only primary colored water colors:


I then scanned both of these images into photoshop and used a layer mask to separate them from their background and clean them up.  I then chose several images I  wanted to include in my montage and made them into a contact sheet:


I then used a layer mask again to separate a lot of the images from their backgrounds so I could them incorporate them into my collage.  The blue swirly texture was my background, and I used 2 gradients, one black to clear and one with primary colors, to make the background less bright.  After  few days of arranging the images around into different places, adjusting the opacities of the images, and including some paint brush strokes, I came up with my final product:


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