Funky Tower

I started out by drawing a random 4 sided polygon with uneven sides.  I then extended out from each side a random amount of inches ranging from .5″ to 2″ and added an attachment flap and cut it out

I did the same thing for the bottom 2 tiers, but the only difference was each of them had to take into account the tower going through its top, which was solved by cutting out a shape from the top of each that was the size of the top.  After scoring and folding each section, I began to assemble the tower.

While assembling the tower, I ran into an issue.  I realized that, due to the protruding sides of each tier, that they would not fit through their assigned holes.  To fix this, I cut each hole bigger, relatively according to the size of the base.  Eventually, the tower fit together and was assembled.

i then drew notches in the tower, cut the tower apart to make it lay flat, and traced it onto pattern paper, including all notches and folds.  Once on pattern paper, I added 1/2″ of sea, allowance to each side except the bottom of each side (which I corrected in the last tower assignment).

i then pinned the pattern to muslin and traced it onto the fabric, including all notches, folds, and seam allowance.

after sewing along each seam, often stopping to fix bubbles in the fabric by cutting more notches, I ended up with (once turned inside out) a fabric version of my funky tower.

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