Humans of NY Project

These people were two friends who recently moved here from Brazil.  They are not dating and they thought it was funny when I asked them if they were.  They were very amiable and easy to talk to, and they seemed as excited to talk to me as I was to talk to them.  Flavio (right) is a graphic designer and has been for 10 years, and he gave me some words of advice about the art world.

This is Paul.  I first approached Paul by asking him if I could pet his dog, and then I engaged in conversation by telling him about this project.  He was a little shy and socially awkward, but he opened up a little when I got him talking about cars.

I approached this woman by accepting the flyers she was handing out, and then I asked her where she was from and if I could take her photo.  She was extremely soft-spoken, which made it hard to hear her story, however I did catch that she was born in Texas (which I wouldn’t have guessed) and she has lived in NY for her entire adult life.

This project was extremely eye-opening to me, because no matter how much I think about how everyone is unique and has their own story, it is still so easy to forget.  By going up to random people and hearing their story and little tidbits about their lives, I was able to understand this.  Also, one of the most important things to me that came out of this project was by newfound ability to go up to strangers and converse with them.  I have always been kind of an introvert with people I don’t know personally, but with this project, I was forced to just go up and talk to people, which made me realize that I’m not too bad at it!

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