Half-Sized Lined Shift Dress

Using the half-sized shift dress pattern, I cut out the front and back of the dress.

I then sewed the darts and installed a zipper in the dress.

Next, I sewed the front and back together at the shoulders and sides of the dress

Next I had to make the lining and facing patterns.  Using the original dress pattern and a small scale version of the lining and facing patterns, I made the patterns.

Then I cut them out in my lining pattern and fuzed the interfacing to the top pieces of the front and the back.

Next, I sewed the darts.

Then I sewed the top and bottom parts of the lining together

Then I sewed the front and the back together.

Next I had to attach the lining and facing to the rest of the dress.

Then I hemmed the outside of the dress with hem tape.

Then I ended up with my final product of a half-scale lined shift dress.

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