Project 2: The Pant (group project)

I started off this project by discussing with my group what each of our individual styles are.  After communicating what each of us wanted to include in our designs, I ended up with a wide-legged pant design that featured sheer, box-pleated panels and a drawstring waistband.

I then made my pattern by extending the legs of a regular pants pattern and widening them, and then cutting them vertically where I wanted the pleats to be.

I then constructed my muslin:

After making my muslin, I began in the final fabric, which I chose while fabric shopping with the other members of my group.

Here is the pattern on the cotton shirting before I cut it out:

I then sewed the sheer panels to the cotton panels:

I finished each edge with pinking sheers:

I then ironed the pleats down to create the box pleat effect:

After finishing the hem and starching all of the pleats so they would stay in place, I photographed the pants as my final product:

here is our group display for open studio:

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