Intro to Fashion Studies – LP Post #3

The process of documenting my clothing choices for a one week was an interesting experience.  Although it did not open my eyes to a whole new side of myself or make me rethink the style choices I make every day, it did make me more aware of how I go about choosing outfits.  Before this project, whenever I was stressed about finding something to wear, I would get this very specific feeling that only surfaces in that exact situation – a feeling that can be described as a combination of frustration and sadness.  This feeling is something I have experienced while picking out outfits my entire life, however it was not until my involvement in this project that I was able to take a step back while feeling this way and really analyze why the simple, everyday process of getting dressed could cause me such discomfort.  Just today, I was on the verge of experiencing this feeling when I caught myself, put my current situation in perspective, which was just me deciding what shirt to wear with my everyday jeans, and realized that it was a simple decision and required no stress.  The two outfits I picked to show specifically are 2 outfits that I wear at least once a week each.  The casual outfit is my go-to outfit that sometimes still causes me stress when deciding what to wear, and the other outfit is my go-to work outfit.  I think this project helped me to realize how much I repeat outfits and that picking out outfits should not be as stressful as I sometimes make it out to be.

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