Integrative Studio 2: Fashion – LP WK 9/ Submission and Reflection on the Muslin

I’ve used a knitted kimono shirt pattern because of its looseness and wide armholes. I loved the way the sleeves draped on a flat mannequin. I altered/added to the pattern by inserting pleats in the middle cut of the kimono shirt, by cutting the front part of the kimono top in the middle. I wanted to make the shirt wearable by many people, which related to body diversity. My topic research, which is about representation of different kinds of people on the runway, has inspired me to attempt to make a muslin top that can be expanded or draped as an accessory to the draping of the fabric as well as functional.

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I learned how to put in an armhole successfully. I used different methods to insert the armhole to the main part of the shirt, and when i did it the original way, (which was to close the hole after sewing around the hole to the main body, instead of doing the tube to tube method). I kept getting the armpit area bunched up. I then tried the tube to tube method which cleaned out the bunching. The most challenging part was to make the pleats look neat, by pressing over and over again. I forgot to clean/make a straight stitch at the top part of the pleats, which made the process of trying to clean up the neck area of the shirt difficult. The seams became very uneven. The construction techniques that I would like to learn before the final project would be to just learn how to cleanly seam and finish a piece – so that there is no fraying in the inside or outside of the garment – such as french seaming.


Process Photos:

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Final Photos:

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