Integrative Seminar 2: Cross-Course Reflection

My name is Alice Kim, and I am a Fashion Major at Parsons. Over the course of the year, I can say that most of my works are composed of my interests and aesthetics. However, during the second semester, I delved into my pieces more personally, and I better executed my pieces in the way I imagined them to be. Many of my projects last semester were done in manners where I thought I had to follow strict guidelines, and I aspired to be like some of my classmates who decided to elevate their work by being free-flowing with their work, not stressed out and limited by the instructions the professors would give them. I felt more personal with my work this semester, especially because it was more hands on and I’ve developed more skillsets.

The themes that seem to emerge in multiple courses throughout my first year became to be a lot about personal stances on stereotypes, communities that aren’t in power, aesthetics, and personal experience. My most successful working methods have been exploring with multiple mediums. The knowledge I have earned thus far from all course involved the uses of Adobe products as well as 3D/2D skills, and also sewing/garment construction, which helped me for projects that would come after. For example, there have been multiple times where I have use the laser cutting lab in order to complete different projects.

The connections I see between my academic studies and studio making are thematic. They both connect together, which helps me support and gain more knowledge of a topic itself by being able to experience and research about it hands on and through other sources. What made some projects/papers even more exciting was the access and availability of knowledge to complete the assignment, which made it easier and even more possible/successful for me to replicate what I envisioned in my mind. The most satisfying thing would be to envision something and make it real. Further research especially helps in terms of making a vision into something real. By researching, one is able to learn more about the given topic and delve deeper in understanding, making it become more personal to them. In both making and writing, this applies as well. Instead of a vagueness of a final product, it would become more clear and structured.

One highlight from my first year would be making my first ever wearable (bag) in my Soft Structures bag. This was my first time learning and being able to properly construct a wearable, as in the past I have always incorrectly done things to make clothing for my high school Charity Fashiona show. I had a very strong vision in my mind, which mainly focused on designing a colorful, complicated bag. I felt as if I have skipped the pure basic skills that would give me success to the final product, which made me realize that I tend to rush on my artwork and writing, leaving many mistakes and visions that I don’t necessarily want. I had to learn to be patient, and take my time. I kept overhearing the teacher and tried my best to impress, instead of showing actual technical skills in sewing. In the project after, I followed the instructions and received better feedback in regards to technical issues in my work, rather than design concepts.

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Another highlight would be the creation of a collection using colors/swatches, and making sketches out of them. I originally went to Mood to get swatches in a color palette that was diverse enough to be interesting (cool/warm/light/dark shades). I originally felt very clueless and unsure of the fabrics chosen and how they would exactly be applied to my final project/upcoming assignments for  that course. I wouldn’t make much changes in terms of preparation, other than to research for things before they are actually due by the end of the day; essentially giving my own piece more time and ease to be what I want it to be, so I am not under stress while making it.

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I believe both of these highlights represent my style of art and my development of required patience and time to develop something to make something successful. Patience becomes something that is very important to my learning, which leads me to better work habits. This would make better artworks. For example, for my tote bag, I had to learn how to patiently sew so that I would not make mistakes or un-straight lines. For the fashion studio collection, I had to constantly do many figure drawings to loosen up to the style i wanted, and also create a color palette that would match my style.

I would like to explore how to use textiles and found objects to incorporate into my works. I also want to be able to learn how to create a garment out of anything that was given to me in an artistic manner. I would feel like this would enter into other projects such as reusability and sustainability, changing from topic to topic. In my future years of Parsons, I believe that technical skills in sewing and incorporating technical aspects such as video and animation, or even moving objects into my clothing would make great success to what I aspire to create in the future.


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