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I want a president that…

I want

I want a pimp for president. I want a person who went days without eating for president and a woman who saw her mother brutality beat for Vice President. I want someone who failed an attempt at suicide and someone who bled between their thighs. I want a president that’s done coke. I want a mistress for president. The slut and the hoe. A class clown. I want a person from the slums for president and someone that’s been dragged out of their vehicle for president. I want a victim for president and the criminal as the chief of staff. I want someone who has nothing at the end of each month for president. Someone who watched their loved ones die for president. I want a radical for president. I want a president who lost their virginity by force. I want a sanitation worker for president. Someone who’s been called a fag, wetback, chinx, and a thug. A president that has been told no. A president that’s been asked to leave because of their appearance. I want a president that doesn’t hide their evil. I want a president that grew up without a father and who saw their people become slaves again. I want someone who knows the difference between rebelling and destroying. A president that feels and learns. I wants a president who lives and doesn’t exist.

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