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Anatomy + Architecture Research


Plane & Value



Anatomy & Torso

Human Joint

joint joint-2

Mechanical Joint

Museum Sketches 

dino-drawing dino-drawing-2

The element of the mammal’s anatomy that has the most potential to inspire architecture is the ribs. The ribs protects and keeps all of the body’s organs just like how buildings protect people. Also when you look at them they have a similar shape as a shelter, the way it curves.

Inspired Structure


Imagine yourself exiting the American Museum of Natural History and seeing three abnormally shaped pillars across the street in Central Park. These pillars inspired by the backbones of the Manthadon will make the viewers feel like they’re still journeying through the mammal exhibits, except more interactive. People are going to be able to use the pillars for shade, leaning, photographs, games etc. The pillars’ layout invites people in and encourages them to not just stare but interact. They will have a taste of the exhibit with a lot more fun.

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