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Figure Drawing

Short Poses

With the quick figure drawings getting them to not look like gingerbread people was the biggest challenge. It wasn’t a lot of time so my first instinct was to draw the outlines of the model’s body which looked like a gingerbread person. Circling the body was the most effective way to get the gesture of the body in a short time frame. As you can see my drawings come out the most successful when the model’s arms are raised almost as if they are stretching.

Medium Poses

Long Poses

Long Pose - Torsotorso-overlay

Head Studies

Digital Figures

model-standing-1 digital-figurelong-still-recovered

The most challenging aspects of figure drawing was getting the drawing to look like the model. I had to constantly make sure  I was drawing what I saw and not just what I wanted. It’s  easy to make a certain part of the body lighter or darker because it ‘s convenient, but  making it exactly like the real thing  is the challenge. Also getting the models’ proportions right was difficult. I often ended up focusing on a particular body part as a result. Me focusing on a certain feature did end being beneficial. My torso long poses are my most successful drawings. I like that I got the lightness and darkness correct for the most part. I also like that you can see some definition and changes in lighting.

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