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Tony Oursler: The Imponderable



Tony Oursler Biography

New York is the birthplace of some of the most twisted minds around. A particular peculiar artist by the name
of Tony Oursler was born in New York in 1957. A few decades later he made a decision that will later impact art as
a whole. He enrolled into the California Institute for the Arts, Valencia California. Tony completed his BA at the
institute in 1979. His work contains a wide range of mediums such as video, sculpture, installation, performance,
and painting. Tony’s work has been exhibited in countless respected institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art,
New York, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, and Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris etc. A lot of his art
contains surrealism and modernism. Currently at the Museum of American Art, New York, his film Imponderable is
being screened, and is accompanied by an exhibition. Tony Oursler currently resides in New York City and is
married to painter Jacqueline Humphries.


Surrealism is an art movement that pushed artists to create art as it would be seen in dreams and rid of conscious control of reason and convention.
Surrealist artist believes that being unconscious (dreaming) is the key to imagination. To them the rational/ conscious mind represses the ability to
create freely and to be original. The surrealism movement can be connected to other artistic movements like Dada and Romanticism. It was
also inspired by psychoanalysis. Some key players in surrealism are Andre Breton, Sigmund Freud, and Marx Ernst.

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