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Box-Drape Project 3

Project 3 Confidence as Costume:


Drape and manipulation: TUCKS, DRAPED, PATTERNED, OVER REPURPOSED BOX FORM In this project you will repurpose as well as re-invent, to create a sculptural costume for a structure. This structure must have volume, projection, and movement. You will begin with the construction of a geometric framework, which will then be used to develop patterns on. How does manipulating the planes of a structure affect its form? Using Draped fabric, fabrics, and/or surface manipulations in this exercise you will explore the possibilities of a chosen (approved) material, and examine the ways in which you can alter the integrity of the material using various manipulation techniques including draping (1 or more elements of, pleats, ruffles, etc).The direct influence of craft on form is integrated into this project

Possible Learning outcomes: at the completion of this project students will know how to…

  • Apply cumulative knowledge learned.
  • Integrate technique and utilize inspiration in a directed focus.
  • Explore and experience combining textiles in the developmental process Utilize connection, construction, and manipulation techniques that were covered in class, as well as researching new strategies.
  • Drape a basic organic form and create a pattern from it.
  • Create a costume/covering from a 2 D pattern


Due to the lack of initial guidance, the Box-Drape project was troublesome to execute outside of the classroom, causing the assignment to be interpreted in the students’ own voice and or style. Also, certain elements of the project could have been troubleshot and done in a timely manner if given the assignment criteria. Once you figured out what was needed the assignment become easier to complete and slightly interesting to create. This project was a great way to reinstate old techniques learned in the classroom; notches, seam allowance, the industrial machine uses, etc.  Personally, the project turned out better than I expected it to in certain aspects, however, the prototype was constructed better and there was some miscommunication on what was required or deemed the assignment ‘complete’.

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