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Prototype + Summary

1) Design a system (of any scale) that addresses the research question you’ve developed in your Integrative Seminar class. Write a summary of your selected system:  Explain ALL of the below:


  • What is your research question?
  • What the system is you’re designing around, and what is your point of intervention?  (Are you creating a new system?  Adapting or intervening with an existing one?)
  • What is the purpose of this system?  Who and what will be impacted?  How will they be impacted?  
  • How does this system relate to your research question?



The research questions that’s guiding this system is ‘is gender a product of white supremacy?’. While conducting research I aim to investigate the connection between the diversion of humans in order to distribute power and dominance to a particular type of being. Through division and the implication of conflict white supremacy is able to thrive within society. I believe misogyny nurtures white supremacy thus gender was constructed to ensure white affluent men were at the top of the social hierarchy. In order to combat white supremacy, POC must unite to mend the division within the communities. The division encourages conflict, hatred, and the weakening of power. People from different groups are not always accepting of others lifestyles/cultures, numerous systems play a part in the opposition of those who’re different.  A divided people cannot effectively fight their oppressors.

The system I am designing around is one that supports the division of races because of gender differences. The system I’m designing point of intervention is helping to develop and guide individuals who will experience hostility because of their deviance to gender roles, improving inclusion within the African-American community. I am adapting an already assisting system, but molding it to fit a new purpose. The purpose of this system is to guide young African-American homosexual men and supply them with the needed representation and resources to ensure a ‘healthy’ future. By offering guidance I hope to better their mental/physical health, personal relationships, and open-mindedness to lessen the impact of white supremacy. This system relates back to my research questions because it addresses gender part in creating conflict amongst racial groups which weakens the group and the potential for their growth.

2) Create a prototype of that system.


3) Create a strategy to engage your intended audience with the prototype in meaningful ways.


  • Who is your audience? Why?  
  • What would a meaningful sample size be?
  • How will you reach them? When and where?
  • How will you ensure that they engage successfully with your prototype?
  • How will you document this engagement? (During? After?  Required preparation?)



Prototype Part:1

Components of the system


  • Weekly and monthly therapeutic meetings
  • Mentees are sourced from schools, local organizations, recommendations, and digital medias. All participants’ identities and information are confidential.
  • Vetted mentors will be assigned mentees on a roll-in basis depending on the mentee’s needs, mentee/mentor compatibility and potential to guide.
  • Mentors interact with mentees on a weekly basis. This interaction is done in person, digitally, and on the phone. Interactions include but are not limited to phone calls, luncheons, events, family dinners, training, etc.
  • All participants in the program are offered the opportunity to participate in monthly/weekly programs that boost morale, self-love, mental health awareness, community, pride, etc. Also, they’re subject to annual mentee-mentor sessions to track progress.
  • Materials (activities, videos, art, etc.) are posted on online outlets to assist mentees and those who seek guidance/representation.


What’s Needed:


  • Mentors and mentees
  • A ratio of 1:3 between mentors and mentees.
  • Educational videos
  • Materials for the mentees
  • Promotional materials
  • Proper paperwork
  • Mentor schedule


Prototype Part: 2


  • What is the prototype? The prototype for this system is an educational video that shares the experiences of young black men with dating, sex, and family. Participants in the video are LGBTQ black men from The New School, New York, and surrounding areas. This video will be shared on social media, Vimeo, and other digital networks. It may be shared at an LGBTQ based meeting at The New School.
  • Who is your audience? Why?  My system’s target audience is young black men. Black men in America are one of the most, if not, the most systematically subjugated groups in American society. The only way for the oppressor to maintain power is to keep subordinates at bay or eliminate them. Creating dissolution within a community is one way the oppressor ensures the marginalized group won’t unify to overturn the system. This system is designed to better those who’re facing division with their in-group because of homophobia.
    What would a meaningful sample size be? A meaningful size for this system would be 20-30 people.
    How will you reach them? When and where? I plan on reaching this group via social media and other online networks.
    How will you ensure that they engage successfully with your prototype? The prototype is a very strategically designed video, therefore, it won’t be any other way for the viewer to interact with it but for the intended purpose.
    How will you document this engagement? (During? After?  Required preparation?)
    I plan on documenting this engagement by tracking the viewers and comments. Also, I will get feedback on the prototype.

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  1. galek443 · April 21, 2017 Reply

    This is dope ! Yay your using video! This is going to be really good. I don’t think you should limit yourself to black men maybe?

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