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Proposal Draft

Project Background


The age of the war on Blacks has been a continuous one in American Society, originating during the enslavement of Black Africans during the North Atlantic Slave Trade, reconstructing itself after the post-Civil Rights era to fit ‘new’ standards of systematic and clandestine subjugation. Blacks in America face frequent attacks from the American government, society, and people with the intent of crippling destabilization. The black man or woman is subject to higher rates of unemployment, mental health issues, poverty, sexual diseases, incarceration etc. Which are all results of systemic oppressive practices grounded in the foundation of American civilization.

People-of-color have been divided by separatism, hatred, and conflict employed as a tool of white supremacy since the time of colonialism in the Americas. Social orders such as gender, sexuality, race, and class has managed to divide people-of-color, specifically Blacks in America. Homosexuality has led to division within the community. This conflict creates mental health issues, unhealthy family environments, low self-esteem which contributes to the destabilization of the Black community in America.


The research questions that’s guiding this system is ‘Is gender a product of white supremacy?’. The research conducted aims  to investigate the connection between the division of humans in order to distribute power and dominance to a particular type of being. Through division and the implication of conflict white supremacy is able to thrive within society. Misogyny nurtures white supremacy thus gender was constructed to ensure white affluent men were at the top of the social hierarchy. To combat white supremacy, POC must unite to mend the division within the communities. Disunion aids to the conflict, hostility, and destabilization of the Black community. Subcultures are often not accepted by outsiders because of their lifestyles are deviant to societal norms or norms of the larger culture they belong to. In the case of this system the Black race is the dominant culture and the colored homosexual community is the subculture.

The system that’s being designed around is one that rejects the division of races because of gender differences. This new systems  point of intervention is helping to develop and guide individuals who will experience hostility because of their deviance to gender roles in a way that will allow them to coexist, form meaningful relationships, love, and organize with persons that have differing perspective from theirs and or disdain toward them. Participants will be able to recognize the root issue of gender, race, and sexuality, improving inclusion within the Black community which in return leads to upward mobility. An already assisting system is being adopted, but molded to fit a new purpose(s).


Project Overview: What is the System?


The proposed system is a mentorship program for young African-American/Black homosexual men.Its purpose is to guide these young men and supply them with the needed representation and resources to ensure a ‘healthy’ future. By offering guidance participants will be able to better their mental/physical health, personal relationships, and develop an understanding of the systems working for their demise to lessen the impact of white supremacy such as homophobia, hate speech in the family setting, prejudices etc. This system relates back to the research question because it addresses gender’s part in creating conflict amongst racial groups which weakens the group and the potential for their growth.


Project Overview: Goals


  • To create an environment that allows the participants to grow and gain experiences related to their sexuality.
  • Creating a system where young men can voice their personal struggles without judgement.
  • Developing homosexual men that are not deeply affected by homophobia in their personal lives. They will be taught to protect themselves emotionally and mentally from homophobia. Also, the reason why it exists.
  • Educating young men on the gay lifestyle and fluid relationship dynamics.


  • Redefining what it means to be gay and a Black man.


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