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Cocoon : Space & Materiality

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Artist Statement: Cocoon

This piece is a wearable sculpture that serves the purpose of protecting yet glorifying an individual’s metamorphosis. It is entitled ‘Cocoon’ and represents the shedding of layers one employs to protect themselves against the views of humanity. The materials used are thin wire, sheer fabric, kente cloth, cotton polyfill and dye. Each materials embodies a different aspect of me. Kente cloth is a traditional african fabric, its use allows the viewer to identify the sculpture with someone or something that has African roots. The wire used is thin yet steady which as a skin on the sculpture. This skin is adorned with flowers made of kente cloth and wire adding an element of beauty similar to human skin. The sheer fabric acts as clothing one would adorn to shield themselves from onlookers. Finally, the cotton cocoon is dyed to look alive and to mimic the womb. The womb is place where humans are the most protected against the outside world. After exiting the womb we either add to ourselves recreate this protection or unveil rendering oneself ‘vulnerable’. I believe you can be powerful even when in vulnerable situations which influenced my choice of materials. The bottom layer of the sculpture is strong yet malleable. ‘Cocoon’ shows that we are constantly in a state of evolution.

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