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Networked Self

Project Overview

This project explores and portray identity with respect to multiple dissemination platforms. This can be broadly interpreted to mean participation in various communication platforms as outlined in Project 1: Narrative Self or more abstractly as a non-linear narrative portrait built from a network of pages, images, texts, videos, audio.

It will take the form of a website that will be hand coded and will be hosted on danielghill.com. All content must be original and authored exclusively by you. It should contain a mix of images, texts, videos, and audio.


Site Map

Site Map, click on the image to see full scale and text.


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Page Designs

Description of Project

For my final project, I created an online platform that showcases my creative works, social and political thoughts, and aesthetic. The website is broken up into sections (About, Thought, and Visuals) with each representing a different element of self. In the ‘About’ section you can find a brief artist statement, users will then go on to the ‘Thought’ page where they’ll be able to read essays written on mass incarceration, white dominance, and Black-life, and finally, they’ll journey to the visual page to view collages, photo series, and films based on similar topics. Overall it will reflect me and the interworkings of my mind. The design of the site very minimal with unique creative touches to give it flair.

Site URL 


Self- Assesment 

Coding ‘Soul the Savage’ forced me to pay attention to every small detail which is difficult to do since everything moves at such a fast pace. Having to problem-shoot and do outside research in order to get the vision to come to fruition was the most challenging yet fulfilling aspects. Coding became enjoyable once I saw it all coming together. In completing this project I remembered that in order to achieve the desired deliverable you must learn both in and outside the classroom. Overall, I’m satisfied with the outcome and happy that I can say I coded a website.


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