Written Portrait of Jackson

Serin Hwang

11th October 2017

Written Portrait of Jackson


“A small boy from a small seaside village in Maine.” That was how he first described himself. Covered by shadows of his older sister, who he idolized as a kid, Jackson’s childhood revolved around his older sister. He was like a moon hidden by the shadow cast by the sun. His first attempt to draw was also inspired by his sister who he described as being “very good at drawing”. He mentioned during his interview that he was heavily influenced by the fairytale stories and comic books he read during his early childhood. And as a child, he mostly drew fantasies, fairytale characters and stories which stem off his imaginations.


Although Jackson enjoyed drawing, he never thought of pursuing his studies in art until his mom told him otherwise. During his early adolescent years, Jackson was pushed by his mom to pursue art. His mother, an artist herself, wanted her daughter (Jackson’s older sister) to become an artist. However, when she refused, she started pushing Jackson to go to an art school instead. Jackson commented “I subliminally knew I was going to do art from a very young age”. Although his path was not chosen purely for his own sake, Jackson began to gain deeper interest in art, especially in fine arts, which is reflected on his portfolio works which mainly consists of drawings and paintings. He continues to be influenced by fantasies and stories, and is inspired by beautiful scenes from movies and most importantly, he is inspired by nostalgia which can easily be seen from his works.


He now defines himself by a single word “Honesty”. Jackson says he is trying his hardest to be him; “to be authentic”. He believes his life is less driven by his older sister, but by him.



the Moon


Like earth rotating around

the Sun

Like moon covered by shadows,

I remained hidden by

the Sun.


But as time goes by

the Sun begins to fade out.



And by night,

the Moon begins to shine

Ever so brightly.

the Moon, I

am no longer hidden by

the shadows cast


Now I know

the Moon

is not covered by the shadows,

but shines in another side.

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