Drawing the Imagination: Drapery

Drapery was one of the most fundamental practices in drawing. However, with the shift in the perception of art from needing to be technical to being more focused on creativity, the act of drawing drapery as a source to improve technical skills has been lost. I agree to a certain aspect that creativity is more important than drawing with great technical skills, especially since we have countless other ways to express our creativity and idea using different mediums. However, I also believe that there is a reason why practicing technical drawings remained important for such a long time: because having the technical skills to express our creativity is equally important.

I personally enjoyed going back to drawing the basics, which I had not done since I arrived in Parsons, as I too had forgotten the importance of practicing how to draw every so often to not forget how to draw. The first few drawings came out stiff and rigid, however, with more practice, my lines became more fluid and I was able to relearn the skills I had forgotten for a long time.

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