Drawing the Imagination: Sketchbook

Keeping a sketchbook has never been my cup of tea. So when I was first given an empty book which was to be filled out in two weeks, I was dumbfounded. The first week of filling the sketchbook was extremely hard for me, as not only was I not used to sketching, I never brought my sketchbook around with me. Therefore, lacked ideas and the creativity to fill out the empty pages. The second week was not much of an improvement either, as I still struggled to put something down on the book. The style of work I enjoyed producing weren’t delicate and meticulous enough to be wowed at, and not bold enough to be freely fill out the empty pages.

To me, the two week long project was a failure, however, I decided to write about this piece because I learnt so much from trying to fill these empty spaces. Also, this assignment made me understand what the professor had continuously told us during class: that “white paper isn’t nothing, and we had to use the paper accordingly”. I always knew what she meant, but never understood it and felt it. However, from filling these empty pages over days and nights, I now realize that a blank paper has more to it than being empty.

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