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I decided to create my quick book based off a planning board. Hence, it was very minimal and it laid out all the aspects of the trip very straightforward. It stated out each place we went to and my original thoughts and interpretation of that place, so that if someone were to look at my quick book, they could get a picture of the journey going through each part. Looking back and receiving feedback from Mr. Jensen, I would’ve changed my quick book to something more art based. Whether it be a drawing or a painting or even a sculpture. I think it would’ve showed more of me as an artist and my representation of the journey in a non literal way. When starting out my quick book, I first decided not to do anything art based because I’m still in my foundation process of learning how to draw and paint but I guess that would’ve been a more interesting quick book and it would’ve been a representation of me. My favourite part about making this quick book is that it made me think about each part of the journey and how I felt throughout the day. After completing the quick book and viewing my classmates quick books, I now have this solid understanding of the journey in different perspectives. One thing in common between all is that the journey bonded each of us closer.


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