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East Side Outside Garden Block

Visiting my block for a few hours gave me a good sense of life on the block. I engaged myself in everything that was happening around me and being observant about every little thing. That was the only way I’d be able to create something genuine about the block. I was lead to a few important discoveries, but my favourite among them all is that the playground gets transformed into a skatepark, and Supreme has done work in that playground. That was intriguing to me because I constantly follow Supreme as a brand and to see marks of them being there like the Supreme box logo half graffitied out on the wall was great. There was generally a lot of construction on my block, but where there wasn’t any construction, it was fairly busy, so despite the construction, I was still able to gather solid research on my block. When I returned to the classroom and viewed my note pages on the block, I realised how many occurrences happened on my block in just a few hours. That made me more interested in the block and the interconnections between all the aspects of the block.

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