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Graphite Portrait

Creating a self-portrait out of graphite was something I enjoyed doing. The main technique in creating these portraits is the grid technique, measuring 9×12. The grid is a great tool because when drawing, you only have to worry about what goes in that specific box, rather than worrying about the drawing as a whole in terms of proportion and detail. I usually struggle with getting my proportions correct, so to have the grid method really helped me out in that aspect. The graphite pencils and their corresponding number colour, gave me a sense of how each one works in their own respect. This is my first time using graphite pencils, so I’m glad I got to experience it first hand.  I really like how you can create many different shades of black, white, and grey, by just using graphite pencils. Specifically, the darkest shade of black is very bold. I’m currently working on getting my shades of grey more accurate and I hope I can become more familiar with that soon. I’ll be keeping that in mind when working with graphite again.

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