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11121A: Final Product (3/3)

-My final product, both back and front-

I am super thankful for the outcome. This was my first attempt incorporating my drawings into one final product. When I took a step back and viewed the final outcome from afar, I am able to see me. The style of the drawings and the theme represents who I am. Even though the skateboard was based of my block that I researched, I made sure to give it character and give it a meaning larger than just giving the viewer a sense of my block. It was a week of trial and error in my drawings and a good amount of envisioning for me to produce something I am proud of. The board is minimalist and done in black and white, but thats all part of the idea. In my progression as a creative, this is a big step for me because it was something I have never done before and I am able to present it as a piece that I am pleased with. As of now, the skateboard is not in condition to be skated on, but as soon as I varnish the bottom and add the necessary hardware, it will be functional. I named my piece, “11121A,” because those are the streets that surround my block.

-The stand for the skateboard which includes the title of the piece, “11121A”-

Closeups of the front side of the skateboard:

Closeups of the back side of the skateboard:

In my final thoughts of this journey, I want to continue growing my skill set so that I am confident in completing future projects. This skateboard is a piece that I will keep as token of remembrance for my first time incorporating my drawings into a project. Hopefully I can find a way to scan both sides of the skateboard so that if I ever want to reproduce the board, I can have the designs printed directly onto the board professionally.


Thank you to everyone who inspired me and helped me throughout the journey.

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