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Peace Wave: Final Product (2/2)

I chose peace to be the centre of my final project because it is something I feel strongly about. I believe peace in the world, and peace as an individual is so important. When we are at peace with ourselves, it means acknowledging the relationships in your life, occurrences, and all the aspects, and accepting each of those things for what they are, and using it to make yourself a better person instead of being phased by it. Peace in the world means everyone from all walks of life, accepting each other and having that mutual respect, which creates understanding between different backgrounds. I’m thankful that I got the opportunity to highlight an important symbol and share the message of peace.

Through repetition of circles, a subliminal message is being pushed hundreds of times and I think that creates a big effect. The idea of having the peace signs so small was intriguing to me, because thousands of peace signs creates a large effect and shares a meaningful message, without being forceful to the viewer of the piece. Each sheet consists of about an average of 4,000 circles. This number was attained by doing some math equations to figure out how many circles there were on each individual sheet. When I was working on the piece, it didn’t feel like I did 4,000 circles because when you’re into the flow of making circles, your hands kind of just start repeating the motion and it becomes a natural instinct.

-Each individual sheet, %100 completed.-


As I closeup my thoughts about the final project, I wanted to say that peace is a subject that is sometimes overlooked or forgotten, but if each individual in this world shares as much peace as they can to each other, our world will be all the more colourful. It’s not fair to push ideas or beliefs onto other people, but by doing my part and sharing the message through art and design, maybe that will inspire other people to think about the idea and understand what it means. I’m thankful that my project was steered in it’s own direction when I was working as that makes the work more exciting and open for interpretation.

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