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Selfie Timeline

-Pictured above is the final outcome-


All in all, I’m thankful for the outcome of the timeline. The sequence of the timeline is a representation of a day out in New York with a friend who was visiting from another country. Every 30 minutes, I would ask him to take a picture of me wherever we were at that moment, therefore, the sequence has a literal order. One thing I considered differently in each photo was the frame and angle of the picture. I chose the angles and frames to resemble the sun going down at sunset. As seen in the timeline above, the first image has an upward angle, and the last image of the sequence, has a downward angle, almost enough that it’s facing a large portion of the ground. This replicated the sun at sunset because the sun starts high in the sky, and eventually, it disappears into the horizon. An element that I didn’t pay attention to when the pictures were being taken, but turned out to be a key component was the colour tones. There is a recurring tone of light blue and a hint of yellow.With regards to the image processing, I didn’t change any of the colours, but I did add a grain effect. I added a little amount of grain effect to connect with the theme of “Time” because personally, the grain effect implies time as evident in distinguishing what era a photo was taken in. This created cohesion and brought the whole timeline together. One problem I had was, in the four bottom left images, showing the time of day without exposing the sky. Therefore, to face that challenge, I found a way to get the railings involved to show the shadow that the sun was creating by pushing against it. This solved the challenge because the images didn’t show the sky, but it reflected what time of day it was by involving the railings present at the scene and the shadow it makes when the sun is facing it. In terms of choosing the grid, I decided to use a tall and narrow frame because I felt that it complimented the idea of using the sky as a way to tell the time of day, while still incorporating the requirement of a “selfie.” My overall approach to this project was not really planned, but rather, I let it take its own direction by spontaneously getting the pictures without choosing a location. I used InDesign for the first time during this project and I would like to continue exploring the software as it has a flexibility aspect that I appreciate.

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