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Cross-Course Reflection

I am Seth, a Strategic Design and Management major. My background consists mostly of music production and business, but as I continue to have the opportunity to explore different fields, I would like to expand my skill set to be a knowledgable individual in the fields I would like to tap into further, such as fashion and graphic design. My work is inspired by the ideas and creations that give me a new perspective. Design and creation are my outlets for relieving the intense enthusiasm I have towards life.


Across my first year courses, the work I produced doesn’t necessarily have a visual theme tied to all of them. This is because I like to address an idea with a similar passion, but through a different dialogue. One similarity I can immediately point out between all of them is the level of craftsmanship. The level of craftsmanship is almost intermediate. Although I tried to make all the work look as professional as possible, there is an element that can be felt that shows I’m in the beginning stages of crafting. In a positive light, this naturally created a style that I found in my work. I would consider it “street” because its very raw and would incorporate elements or similar figures present in street art. I first came to Parsons without having any background in physically making things, therefore it was a year filled with exploration and realisation of what mediums fit me the best. As the second semester unfolded, I found myself sticking to mediums that I know best and I feel can represent my ideas best. Most of it is digital, and less physical construction. One skill that I dived into and found a love for was the combination of spray paint and illustrations. I utilised that skill in my final studio project from semester 1, and I still believe it is my best work to date. Throughout all the projects, the ones which I most favoured were the ones that involved more of a creativity and design element, rather than those that were papers or academic related practices. This is because throughout high school, I didn’t have any courses at all that were art or design related, and I felt that I was trapped in my head with ideas that I couldn’t express.


My two highlights from the first year are my pieces “Peace Wave” and “11121A.


Peace Wave:

Peace Wave: Work In Progress (1/2)

Peace Wave: Final Product (2/2)



11121A: Sketching The Final Idea (1/3)

11121A: Work In Progress (2/3)

11121A: Final Product (3/3)


Moving forward, I will continue to be a curious individual. Meaning, I will continue to turn my ideas into real life through my exploration of different mediums until I reach a point where my ideas can be achieved and not limited due to my skills. This will generate a whole range of projects because if I know how to achieve a certain outcome, then my creativity and ideas can flow without hinderance. Although I don’t plan to do fine art as a career, I have an immense amount of love and appreciation for art, therefore, if I can use it as a personal outlet to inspire my work that is in the direction of my career, then I would like to do so. My main question that I would like to pursue in the future is: How do I turn intense enthusiasm and love for existence into something that can reach those who crave what I crave? This is a question I feel is constantly at the basis of my ideas because human connection is powerful and is a tool that we can use to inspire each other.


-Seth Hiranand, May 06 2018

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