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Fervour Emotion, “Final Process”

For my final project, I decided to create three unique lampshades that each represent a story and feeling. There is an element of time present in this project as when you place a drop of watercolour on the top end of the lamp, 20 seconds later, it will have naturally dispersed onto the other end of the lamp. It feels like giving an opportunity to a journey and watching that thing bloom while it finds itself. It’s really fascinating how the colours each find their own place to sit within the piece. They mix with each other, but in the end, they each dominate their own space to create something so illuminating. Due to its natural composition, watercolour continues to fade the more it dries and therefore, to solve this, I decided to put a total of three coats on each lamp so that the colour becomes more vibrant and pure. It’s very distinct that each lamp has its own personality and story tied to it, and that’s what makes each one so alluring.


This lamp is about the Philippines. It represents the warmth, the vibrant orange sunsets, the sun shining through the trees, happiness, peace, tranquility, and how colourful the culture is. This lamp reminds me of where I’m from and how proud I am to be from there. In the making of this lamp, there was an element of nostalgia that was present when the colors were naturally mixing together.



This lamp is about walking in a forest alone. It represents divinity, light, nature, streams of water, the immense amount of greenery and life, and the idea of being at your clearest mind frame when one with nature. The story of this lamp stemmed from a time when I was standing in the middle of a beautiful forest in the middle of an island in the Philippines. Creating this lamp is another way for me to see that realisation in another perspective.


This lamp is about an intense dream. It represents stream of thought, stream of consciousness, desires, and the uncertainty of what your dreams at night could possibly be. I sometimes wonder if dreams aren’t present in your mind, but if they are present in another realm. Thats what inspired me to channel that thought into something that will remind me of this natural phenomenon.


Documentary on the 3 lampshades:

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