Conceptual Sketches

Concept 1:

Using a variety of New York and Chinatown tourist t-shirts I will deconstruct and sew together a button up short sleeve shirt. The oversized arm holes and drop shoulder will create a draping effect similar to traditional Chinese attire, which the cotton material from the t-shirts will add to. I will use Chinese coins that I bought from Chinatown to create a chain detail similar to a Balenciaga detail I found at the Heavenly Bodies exhibition. The buttons will be hidden inside fabric displaying a message made up of traditional Chinese characters stating “I am not sure what this says”, which is a comment on the frequent graphical use of foreign languages, something that can be found in almost every fast fashion house.

Concept 2:

These trousers take influence from traditional Chinese robes, which can be seen in the zip off layers of fabric that create a flowing effect when the wearer moves. The trouser leg will contain long stripes of silk in addition to a silk belt that wraps around and hangs from the trousers. For functionality I will add metal hoops to the draping fabric that can be attached in a variety of ways to the waist of the trousers, allowing the wearer to adjust the form and general appearance of the garment.

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