Postcard project

Word Map

Word Map


The project started with the memoir sentence – “I remember my last cross country race at Mt. SAC”. While I was doing the project, I realized that I was thinking less about my last cross country, but more about my life as a runner in general, which I later changed the theme of my postcards from remembering my last cross country race at Mt. SAC to “Once A Runner (inspired by the book Once A Runner)”.



I started out by making three prototypes of the postcards. In these three prototypes, I intended to deliver the idea of running from my past, my hometown in Taiwan, to the future, New York City.


testing methods

Photo transferring (left)        Paper glued (right)


I also tested different materials and photo transferring techniques and I found out this tutorial on YouTube to be quite helpful on doing photo transferring.



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here are the finished prototypes


3 prototypes

ProColor printing (top)   Photo transferring (bottom)


I got both positive and negative feedbacks from my peers. The theme of running from the pass to the future is delivered well in the three prototypes, but the composition of the second card doesn’t quite match with the other two cards, and the details of the images are harder to see on the cards with photo transferring.




Here are the final designs of 7 postcards


finished 7 postcards

7 postcards



postcard front and back

postcard front and back


Rather than putting designs on the back of the postcards, I decided to simply draw the standard lines of a postcards on them because it reminded me of the time when I got lost in the canyon and a ranger drew a map on a leaf, which got me out of the canyon. 

I would like to mail all 7 postcards to the ranger that had helped me in the Grand Canyon National Park. 



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