I remember memoir






I remember the smell of grass.

I remember the lazy afternoons that I spent in the forest behind my grandpa’s house.

I remember my first hunting season with my grandpa.

I remember the tools we used to track down our prey.

I remember seeing dogs barking at the deer.

I remember the time I jumped into the water with my jeans on to catch a fish.

I remember dancing in the crowds on the Harvest Celebration day.

I remember using a glow stick to mess with my dog.

I remember the excitement and how nervous I was before the start of my first cross country race.

I remember thinking about an episode of Doctor Who that I watched the night before while racing my last high school cross country race at Mt. SAC.

I remember every little detail of my first day of running cross country.

I remember I used to wear a raincoat at home all the time because I was afraid of the typhoons.

I remember I used to hide under a table in kindergarten thinking that the teacher wouldn’t be able to find me.

I remember the time when my dog was running around in the living room and it accidentally hit the table. The vase on top of the table fell and broke.

I remember my trip to Tokyo where I rented an apartment and spent two weeks living by myself.

I remember the first movie that I watched with my grandpa. (E.T.)

I remember the Saturday night that I jumped into the East River to save my friend’s life.

I remember waiting in the hospital for my friend to wake up while listening to the cops outside having a conversation with a drug addict.

I remember the times I could compete, but I wished not to compete, and the time I couldn’t compete, but I wished I could compete.

I remember the mountain trails that I ran.
I remember getting breakfast burritos (beef and pork) from Lucky Boy.

I remember sitting on the surfboard with the sunset behind me, and waiting for the biggest wave of the day to come.

I remember the day I moved into a boarding school.

I remember the time I bought a pot and a magnetic stove from Amazon and used them to cook hotpot in my high school dorm.

I remember getting caught by the teachers for cheating with a calculator that has answers in it.

I remember my math teacher used to scold me because I always forgot to turn in the homework.

I remember the night I snuck out with a girl to watch the Avengers in the movie theater. I forgot what we did later.

I remember the moment I over-stuffed a toilet and water kept coming out of it, which flooded the entire bathroom.

I remember the time I hacked into my high school’s server and sent an anonymous email to the principal.

I remember the day Michael Jackson died.

I remember watching Lakers vs. Clippers at the Staple Center and seeing Kobe in real life for the first time.

I remember the movie, Into The Wild, which reminded me of the time I was setting up a tent in the middle of nowhere while listening to coyotes howling nearby.

I remember the hot and sweaty cross country training that I did in the Grand Canyon.

I remember running from the North Rim to the South Rim carrying only 800ml of water with me.

I remember the time I watched American Pie with my dad and he said, “hmm this reminds me of my college years.”

I remember being thrown into a lake on my 13th birthday.

I remember listening to AC-DC’s music on the way to my CIF Track and Field Finals.

I remember the time my mom refused to sign my contact book because I got an F on the probability test.

I remember my mom always forced me to eat more because I was too skinny.

I remember my senior trip and the senior confessions.

I remember stuffing hot Cheetos into a friend’s noise when he was asleep.

I remember the time I ran around in the classroom, hit the wall, and broke the clock.

I remember the lonely nights I spent staying up to finish my homework while making grilled chicken breasts with kimchi.

I remember sleeping on the rooftop and talking about the upcoming summer with my friends.

I remember the smell of California (desert burning).

I remember the salty oceanic water of Taiwan.

I remember the prodigy and the Christmas family.

I remember all the pushing and elbowing that I had done and gotten in all my cross country races.

I remember watching the sun going down with my teammates after a relaxing jog. It was the day before my last cross country CIF Finals.


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