Material Research – Disposable Chopsticks


Chopsticks were traditional dining utensils from Ancient China.

The material for making chopsticks haven’t changed much since the day it was invented; they are usually made by metal, bamboo, or wood.

In 1878, Japan produced the world’s first disposable chopsticks.

Similar to the process of making regular chopsticks, the process of manufacturing disposable chopsticks includes

1. Cutting logs smaller pieces

2. Steamed them for about 3 to 4 hours

3. Peel of steamed core

4. Cutting the blanks

5. Drying the blanks

6. Checking for rejects

7. Chamfering the corners of the chopsticks

8. Polishing – wash them with bleach to make the brighten the color of the chopsticks

9. Final check for rejects

10. Packaging 

Chopsticks can easily be decomposed in nature, which means that they are better than plastic utensils; however, around 20 millions of trees are being chopped off each year to make disposable chopsticks, resulting in decrease of the forest size, which will increase CO2 emission and desertification in the surrounding areas.

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